A few years ago, after we found out we could

not have a child on our own without science,

we decide to look into adoption and both of us

thought about China.

We look at a couple of different agencies

and we went to a meeting with Bethany Christian


We both decided that both China and Bethany was it.

We postponed it for a little while so we could get a little

bit done with the house first. We are working on the nursery first. Click on Hannah's nursery to see how far we are.

Hannah's Nursery

the following is a timeline where we are at:


Feb 12 2005
Pre Application Submitted

July 07 2005
Formal Application Submitted
(we wanted to get more done on the house
before we went any further)

Aug 9 2005
The First Home study Meeting
(We both were there)

Aug 16 2005
Karens Meeting

Aug 22 2005
Erics Meeting

Aug 29 2005
Our SW came to the house
(We passed)

Sep 25 2005
Sent In I600a
(Waited for our Marriage Cert. to come in)

Dec 5 2005

Dec 20 2005
Received I171H

Dec 28 2005
Sent in all paperwork to Wisconsin for state seals

Jan 3 2006
All paperwork with seals received

Jan 10 2006
Went for dossier Review

Jan 11 2006
Dossier sent to MI

Feb 3 2006
Got notice of dtc
(Dossier to China)

Feb 22, 2006
 We got Our LID
Log In Date
 (yee ha)