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Hello, in 2002 after we bought our house. We got our dog named Mopsey. Now, just a few words about Mopsey. Mopsey is a Lhasa Aspo dog by breed. This breed originated in Tibet sometime in the early 1300s, and was first rcognized by the Ameican Kennel Club in 1935. Because of their acute hearing, they were used as watchdogs by the Monks in their monasteries. They are a very hardy little dog with a long rough coat of hair. The Aspo in the name, comes from their goat like movements. The Lhasa, as he is called, has by AKC standards, a height of about 10 to 11 inches at its withers. She is longer in body than tall. Generally Her weight will be between 13 to 18 pounds. Mopsey, because of her general lake of exercise she weighs about 27 lbs.  Her tail is heavily plumed and is carried high over its back. The eyes are dark brown. She is very intelligent, but is so determined in mind, that she tries the patience of many owners.  They are wary of strangers, but very loving to their master. Always the clown, but never the fool. Id never trade her for anyone